About Me

Karen SaariI’m Karen Saari. I’m an HGTV-addict; love yard sales, always looking for a bargain, sewer, quilter, DIY’er, grandma to 15, creative, entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner. I’m a writer and an editor – my other blog is Living In Serendipity where I talk about writing, words and all kinds of stuff related to that.

Project Runway is about my most favorite show. It starts on September 15, 2016. Each morning after, I’ll be talking about it. Chime in!

I’m married. We live in Northern CA, up in the mountains, in a tiny little town. In a year, we are going to start the hunt for a home and that’s most of the reason I started this blog. I’m looking for the best ideas in home decor, DIY projects that even we can do because I’m pretty sure the house we buy will be in need of some TLC. I’d even prefer it, because it will allow us (me and Mr. S.) to put our own personality stamp on it. We just want to move one more time and that’s it.

I’m a Christian for the last 40 years, a Calvary Chapel go-er, I’m a stay at home wife, and not much of a cook. I’d rather vacuum. Really, I’d rather be doing some sewing for one of my grandchildren! I have a tendency to spread out all over the house with my projects.

Mr. S asked me the other day, “Just how many rooms do you need in our new house?”

“Oh, I don’t know, 4 or 5?”

I won’t repeat what he said. lol Well, he asked!

On to the projects!