Why Another DIY Blog?

As you know, there are millions of blogs out there. And maybe half of them are DIY blogs – why would I start another one?

Since making the decision to start this blog, I’ve been on blog overload looking at and reading other DIY blogs. I confess, I don’t like a lot of them. They don’t fit me. They are beautiful blogs with gorgeous pictures – but they are like living on 5th Avenue and I’m kind of down on the farm. Except I don’t have a farm.  I can’t be the only one who likes comfy, cozy as opposed to sleek and shiny.

I don’t have a perfect family picture to show you. All my kids are grown up and giving me grandchildren 🙂 I could show you some perfect grandchildren pictures!

I’m not a person who aspires to be on TV or to be a speaker. I’m a calm, quiet person. I have a whacky sense of humor. But until you get to know me, I’m pretty quiet. I do better one on one, than at a big party making small talk. I don’t like small talk.

My projects are messy. I don’t have a designated space with all the bells and whistles. I work wherever I can clear a space. I’ll be taking pictures of the mess and sharing them. And a Before-After pic – I love those!

My sewing room is on the back porch, with the washer and dryer. I’ve had lovely sewing rooms before, but right now – I’m on the back porch.

I want to learn how to do everything! My first love is and always will be sewing. I’ve been sewing since I was 9 years old. I’m not 9 anymore. 🙂 But apart from that, I enjoy doing everything else. Sometimes I just do something long enough to learn it. Then I move on. I go on knitting spree’s, then I make jewelry for a few months, and then I dive deep into my sewing room.

Mostly this blog will be a plan for the house we’re going to buy next summer and for me to hear about your DIY stories. I’m very interested in how ya’ll have done things and how they worked for you.

There it is, in a large nutshell.