Why I Have Affiliates

I want to be upfront with you, because I value you and your participation in my blog. I do have (and will have) affiliate links on the side and sometimes in a post. Why? Well, first I need to introduce you to an important member of our family – Chewy.

This is last Christmas. The picture is kind of blurry, but it’s so cute! He’s taking his presents back to his bed. 🙂









Now, a picture of his handiwork –


I need to add, it’s kind of embarrassing. When he first started destroying our furniture, we thought, “When he gets past this stage, we’ll look for new furniture.” (I even tried to cover up the worst part on the couch with  a colorful doily and he chewed through that!) Now that he’s past the stage we’re thinking, “Why buy furniture now when we’re about to buy a house? Let’s get things that fit in the house.”

So, I said all that to say, the affiliate links are my little savings account to purchase furniture and help with the renovation.

I only have affiliates I know and trust. If you were to purchase from their site, the price would be the same as if you purchased through my link. But when you purchase through my link, I get a small commission. So, I hope you will. And I’m building a list of my affiliates on this page.