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Karen SaariI decided to take this journey ‘publicly’ because everything is more fun when you do it with a friend, right? Right! Most of us already know each other, from one direction or another. (see end of post)

So, where are we going on this journey? In about a year from now, Mr. S and I are going to buy a house! We’re getting kind of close to retirement age – next 10-15 years – and we want to move one last time and stay there until we’re pushing up daisies. Or tulips. Whatever.

We don’t want to buy a house for the full amount of the loan the bank will give us. They seem to think we can pay more for a house than we do! So, we are looking for that perfect fixer upper. Good bones, updated plumbing and electrical and no termites.

Fixer Upper
This one seems about right. Thoughts? from https://realtygoddess.wordpress.com

What I’m doing in the meantime is researching things. How to update a kitchen for a $1 or less. Ditto on the bathrooms. Where do you get the best deal on flooring? Is it worth it to drive to Sacramento to pick up kitchen cabinets from Ikea?

I’m collecting ideas on a new Pinterest board. If you’d like to post to the board, just let me know, I’ll add you on. If you’ve reno’d a house before and found things that have worked fabulously for you, I’d like to hear about them. I’ll be collecting all the tips and resources and adding them to the … Resource Page. Unless I can think of something more twinkly to name it.

If you want to learn more, check out the About Me page and the Why Another DIY Blog? page.

Where do we know each other from?

We might be family. You might know me from Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine (no longer published). Maybe you know me from The Quilt Pattern Magazine. If you’ve been around for a really long time, you might even remember Idaho Quilt Company. Wow! Maybe you know me from my books. And even if we’ve never met before, I’m so glad to meet you 🙂 Please introduce yourself in the comments, I’d love to say hello personally.

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Here we go! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “And So The Journey Begins!

  1. You may be right, Maria. On the other hand – think about all that weathered wood to re-use! 🙂 I’m totally excited!

    Posted on August 15, 2016 at 2:49 pm
  2. Hmmm . . . . I think you had better pass on the house pictured here. 😉
    This will be an exciting journey!

    Posted on August 15, 2016 at 7:40 am