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Don’t you just love this building? It’s a garage on my MIL’s property about an hour (ish) from us. She doesn’t live there anymore, and it’s one of the projects we have to tackle soon (like yesterday). Last summer we went up there to look around and see how things were. I took a LOT of pictures, some of which I’ll share with you in this post. But that one up there, the first one, I made it specifically for Pinterest. I’d be tickled pink if you pinned it 🙂
old barn
And here it looks green. I took all these pictures one right after each other on the same day. I love the wood, the texture and above all, the color.
old barn
Look at the light and shadow on this picture. Not tryin’ to brag, but it’s just amazing. The colors and the texture of the door.
old barn
I love the color(s) on this garage, or barn. The different colors come from the light or shadow. I took a lot of pictures of this barn, from every angle. The neighbor was looking at me like I was kind of strange.

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