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One day do overs

Little wood pieces like this are invaluable for adding color, funky or function to your house TODAY. They are quick to Do-Over and if you start one this morning, you’ll have it by tonight. When you go to the thrift store or yard sales – look for things like this to have on hand. When you get that urge to change things up, and you need something new NOW – you’ll have it! (we all have days like that)

The Three-Legged Table

3-legged tableHave you ever heard a term or a name that you’ve never heard before and then suddenly you notice ‘the something’ all over the place? Several years ago, I found a three-legged table. I’d never heard of such a thing. But, since that time I’ve come to love them. I bought one years ago at a yard sale for fifty cents. It was literally falling apart. I took it home and gave it some TLC and some glue. After painting it, stenciling a little on top and some sandpaper to make it look older than it already was, it lived a long and happy life.

WELL! Yesterday my friend Rebecca gave me one she didn’t want anymore.

“Do you want this?” she asked. “It’s kinda wobbly.”

She’d barely gotten those words out of her mouth when I grabbed it out of her hands (in case she changed her mind), “Yes I want it. Of COURSE I want it!!” and I put it in the house before she could change her mind. I might have scratched her a little bit when I grabbed the table – yikes!

It was really fine the way it was, but I didn’t care for the black on it, and I’d been wanting to do some painting and sanding, so I set to work.

Blue and Green Acrylic Craft Paints 

I liked the green color on it, but I wanted to add some blue. I actually added two different shades of blue. I was so excited to get out the paint, and brushes … I hadn’t done any painting for a good while.

green table








See – nothing wrong with this green, but I sure don’t like the black.

paint the table








I put all kinds of blue on it, and some gold for good measure. I painted over the black completely. I had no rhyme or reason, I just slopped it on willy-nilly. But I did make sure I left green showing.

painted white over the color








After it dried, I painted a thin coat of white over the entire table. I let it dry overnight. (if I’d started it in the morning, an afternoon drying would have been fine) I took it outside and sanded it. I sanded it more in some places than other places. I wanted the blues and green to show through the white paint. Many old pieces have several layers of paint on them and by exposing some of the colors, you’ll get a super unique look. I love how the wood grain showed up!

I thought about sanding off more white, but then I thought I’d live with it for a while before making that decision.

painted white over the color








After I sanded, I wiped it off with a damp, soft cloth. When I was sure it was dry, I sprayed Acrylic Matte Sealer on it.

added ruffle to table








And then, I added a little ruffle. I love it! The ruffle is 4″ wide and the edge is simply serged. If you don’t have a serger, you could rip the strip, gather one edge and leave the other edge ripped for a primitive look. (And omg – looks like it’s time to dust the corners!)

close up of ruffle on table








I attached the ruffle with hot glue. I found the center of the ruffle, and glued that to the center of the table (underneath). I turned the table upside down, ran a short length of glue along the curve of the table and stuck the ruffle in it – straight up. There is no weight to the ruffle, it’s not going to fall off.

three legged table








So, now it’s in my little hallway and I need something really cool to put on it. I’ll be keeping my eyes open when I go yard sale-ing!

I’d love to hear about your One Day Do-Overs. Or even two or three days 🙂 Sometimes we get distracted.


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