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IMG_4077Today, we’ll look at some Shabby Chic rooms and things, and then see how we can reproduce it for ourselves. Part of it or all of it. A room doesn’t have to be completely floor to ceiling Shabby Chic to be so – I think a little can go a long way. Pick and choose your favorite things and enjoy them.

Let’s start off easy and simple, and work our way up to LUXE!

The Beachy Mudroom

beach entry way

This little entry way, or maybe it’s a mud room, would fit in anywhere. We’ve all seen those wooden boxes at the craft stores. A little white paint, some distressing and fix them to the wall. Inside, there are baskets to hold all the little flotsam and jetsam that we bring in the house with us but don’t know what to do with. (Some organizer types might suggest throwing it out, but we’re not organizing today!) Maybe there is a basket for each person in the house, or each child.

And look at the BEACH sign! Just a simple plank that’s janecky at one end. Painted and weathered. Sometimes a few days in the weather/sun will help this process along. A few hooks – voila! A super cute Beach sign. Maybe those baskets hold towels and flip flops for the walk to the beach! I can imagine it just across the street.

Do you collect lace pieces and doilies from the thrift store? Do you love them, but are not quite sure what to do with them? (I have drawers of them.) Well, I might have our solution!

The Lace, oh the Lace!

lace pillows

Pillows – a blank slate for various pieces of lace, doilies and lacey-type things. Add buttons, or a special brooch and this pillow becomes an heirloom. A plain lampshade also becomes a canvas for your collected pieces. Sew or glue. I would sew. It gives me the opportunity to change my mind down the road, but still use the lace pieces again.

lace lampshade
http://2decor8.com/interior-design/latest-interior-design-ideas-25 lamp

You can easily make a lamp just like this. Keep your eyes on the Lamp Section at the thrift store. When you find an interesting one, be prepared to paint the base white. It may take several coats. Usually spray paint works best on metal or glass, but check the directions to be sure. Notice the lamp itself is setting on two different doilies.

I say, Be Prepared, because sometimes when we find them, they are so interesting the way they are, we … er, I can’t bring myself to paint it. And that’s fine – nothing wrong with an interesting lamp base, but if you want the shabby chic lamp – it may look more shabby and more chic if it’s white. Your call.

I am a big fan of white shelves trimmed with lace. There is a lot of lace in shabby chic. However, buying that much wide lace trim is not always economical. But every now and then, I score big at the thrift store or a yard sale.

lace trimmed shelves


That’s when I go looking for shelves to trim, or a place to put shelves that I can trim! This picture not only has the lace trim, but ribbons and a cute little stuffed pillow. Some pretty china, a rose or two and you have a beautiful space. Think of a stuffed heart hanging from ribbon, or a small, rosebud trimmed wreath. Babysbreath.





Simple Shabby

shabby shutters


Shabby Chic doesn’t have to involve layers of ruffles and lace, zillions of pillows and lace dripping from every surface. Shabby Chic has its minimalist side and it is just as beautiful.

One shutter used as a backdrop for some pink flowers, a cute little table (white of course), a metal basket and a simple bowl.

A super cute corner, hallway or entry way. And simple enough to change for the seasons, or just because you’ve changed your mind!




The Lace Bed

lace bed

















Isn’t this so pretty and romantic? You only have to look at it for a minute and you know right away it’s expensive. (I don’t know how much it cost, I just found the picture.) But let’s look closer. It’s a simple, gathered bedskirt in a neutral color. That’s not hard and if you don’t want to make it, could probably be found somewhere on clearance.

The lace on top. It appears to be one piece, but who says it has to be one piece? Whoever sees your bed has probably never seen this picture, so use it for a guide. You could use a lace tablecloth for the center, surrounded by wide strips of lace such as that found in curtains, and then a shaped edge. These pieces can be sewn together quite easily. Add some strips of lace to some pillowcases and you’ve got ourself a beautiful Shabby Chic bed!

The lace piece on top also has some tassels – have you been saving those? (i have)

The Living Room

shabby chic living room

I find this living room to be so pretty. It’s completely feminine, I can’t imagine springing this on Mr. S., but maybe someday I’ll have a sitting room in my sewing room and I can do something like this. Maybe. You never know!

How to make this room doable and affordable. If you know how to sew, slipcovers. Now, I know how to sew, but I’ve never done slipcovers. I would need some serious how-to’s. But I know it can be done.

The coffee table. It looks like a door and some turned table legs to me. I don’t know a lot about woodworking, but I’d be willing to try it.

The pillows on the back of that couch are so fluffy there is no room for a person! Those are extra fluffy for sure!

Much of this room is doable –  it’s just a matter of visually taking apart the room. Look at the table, the couch, the candles individually and see how you can replicate them with what you already have. The only thing in this room I don’t like is the carpet.

Do you have a room like this? Or know someone who does? I don’t – on either counts. I love the room, I think  it’s fabulous but I don’t see it as ‘family living’. And I wouldn’t want to. I want my children and grandchildren to feel comfortable in my rooms and not have anyone worry about the kids and the dirt they might track in. Let ’em track in the dirt, and climb up on the couch. That’s why this picture is for Grandma’s private sitting room. The room no one else even knows about!


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