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watercolorsI attempted my own wall art.

Based on some of the examples I had in This Post. I thought, how hard could it be to smear some paint around? Turns out – kinda not so hard! 

I used watercolor paint and my last 6 pieces of watercolor paper. The first one I did, I hated. But before I could move on to something I liked, I had to determine what it was I didn’t like. I wanted something organic. Something that showed the ebb and flow of the paint, and not my own brush strokes.

What I love about watercolors

It’s actually what I love about watercolors. They can have a mind of their own, and it’s beautiful. It’s when I try to manipulate the paint that it’s not so happy. 

Here is the awful piece –

watercolor bad example

watercolor bad example





While I like the colors, I don’t like the brush strokes. I don’t like the ‘corners’ of the paint, I don’t like anything about it. So, I sat with it for a few days to think about how I wanted it to be, and how I could make it that way. I’m pretty happy with what I did. It’s not perfect, but it’s darn good enough!

In this one, I put the green over the yellow and in the end, I’m not too happy with that. I like the color mingling happening in the other parts.

I taped my watercolor paper onto a hard surface. I have a 12″ square tile that I use for this. I prepared my colors. I knew I wanted to do a wet on wet technique, but not too much wet. So, I started by wetting the paper a little bit at a time. Not the entire piece. Then I added my colors, letting them mingle into making new colors. In some places, I put new color over dry and that’s the part I wish I’d left alone.

I love the soft changes of color

The colors are great for the small size they are. But if I were to do a Large piece, I wouldn’t want these bright colors. For me, it’s just too much.They are 5 x 7 so they aren’t huge. A small splash of color in an out of the way corner fits me just fine.

But if I decided to invest in a Large piece of watercolor paper, I know how I’d do it.



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