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%22moving_day%22_montreal_qc_about_1930Oh My Gosh! My house is full of boxes – both packed and empty. Everything, no matter how organized I try to be, is in chaos! Even though my computer will be the last thing to go, blog posts are going to be hit and miss. I thought I could do it all – why do I still think that? I can’t do it all. The really good news is the people who are in our new house, they found a house in the city they are moving too! Now, on the other end, the people who are moving into this house are super eager to get moved in. Pressure? Nah! OMG! We might as well be in a pressure cooker.

I just keep reminding myself that next month, at this time, it will all be over! Don’t forget to comment on this post for the Giveaway. I know it’s just a magazine, but it’s a pretty cool magazine. I haven’t seen one this good since the early days of Country Living.

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