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I think I admitted in a previous blog post how much I love to look at houses, and even building plans. Blueprints I guess they are called. I like to see how the rooms are laid out in relation to each other, and imagine where I’d put my furniture, and why is there so much space in the laundry room and so little in the kitchen? I wonder how it would be to draw my own plans? Have you ever done that?

Recently I’ve found some really interesting house plans.

storybook house plansStorybook Homes – want a house like the Hobbit? Or a fairy cottage? I think this place has those kinds of plans. So cute! I want to move right in.

Plans (I zoomed in a few times to see the details.) There are some pictures here and a website here. I don’t know if all those links are related, but they have some really amazing pictures and plans!

vintage house plansVintage Homes – this is not an exciting looking site 🙂 but click on one of the numbers on the left and you’ll see the house and the plans! I have spent way too much time on this site, drooling over the Craftsman plans and pictures! Vintage homes are big now. People are tired of the cookie cutter houses that have no personality. If you’re in the market to build – why not build vintage?

1930s Apartments – do you like the old black and white movies? Especially the ones where they live in apartments and they were so spacious and beautiful, full of character and personality? They seemed to be huge! Look at this below – It’s four apartments. Look at the center, you’ll see the Foyer and 3 elevators (one for servants)! As far as I can tell, you walk into the Gallery with the kitchen off to your right. What I don’t understand is the Dress Clos. off of the Gallery. It’s pretty good size – is it some kind of coat closet? I’m not sure. There are 4 apartments, all basically the same. The shared wall on one side is the kitchen and dinette. The shared wall on the other side is Gallery and coat closet. The bedrooms are separated by stairs. It really makes it all very private.

For a one bedroom apartment, it seems pretty roomy. It’s certainly not the open concept preferred today. But I like the separate rooms. It’s nice to close a door and hide my mess.

How much would this cost? A quick Google told me in the 1940s, about $50. Do you also like to read the old ads in newspapers? Yes, I do. You’ll enjoy that link. Also a decade by decade information about the price of rentals which was really interesting. Prices went sky high between 1970s and the 1980s.

In the near future, I’ll be doing some extensive research on the 30s and 40s, for a new book. Does this era interest you?

vintage apartment plans


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