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make home cozyIt’s getting colder, and we want to feel cozy and warm. I got the sweaters out, and my warm socks. These are two things that make me feel cozy. I especially love the sweaters, that don’t show every little bump or bulge!

Let’s make our home cozy!

  1.  Make a pot of soup and let it simmer on the stove all day.
  2.  Bring out the quilts and throws – stack them on the couch.
  3.  Light some fragrant candles: vanilla bean, cinnamon or apple.
  4.  Put flannel sheets on the bed.
  5. Bring out some good reading books.
  6. Add pillows to your rooms for comfy cuddling with a good book.

make home cozy

7. Use fairy lights around posts, or to outline a window or string them across the ceiling.

8. Place small lamps in forgotten corners.

9. Prepare a tray with cocoa, cups and a marshmallow jar.

10. Pull the board games out of the cabinet. (Be prepared to play!)

11. Use candle or lamplight instead of the bright overhead light.

12. Use tea lights in small glass containers on the mantel, coffee table or windowsills.


Cozy comes in three ways – lighting, scent and touch.

Lighting – lower light levels make a room feel cozier. Use spot lighting for the reader. Bring out the candles and enjoy them with your family. A lower light level is an invitation to conversation – turn the TV off.

Scent – a scent will recall memories. Try a few different scents, either from candles or wax melts and see what you remember.

Touch – this is definitely big for me. I love the feel of textiles – quilts, faux fur throws, soft wool and fleece. The different feel of these fabrics are important for small children. Those blankies, tags and special stuffed animals they carry around with them – they help our littles to feel secure.

It’s time to cozify your home! What is your favorite cozy trick?

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