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What’s your favorite space in your house? The room that yells your personality – or whispers it! Which room have you been able to do exactly the way you want it?

Sometimes, okay, usually it’s happened to me on accident. When I’m dusting I might move something, casually set it down over there and then forget about it.  Later, I’ll come into the room and think, “Wow! I really like that over there. I’m going to keep it there.” I’m thinking my unconscious (or is that my subconscious?) knows better than my awake mind. I don’t care who makes the decision, I like my new favorite space!

It’s all a matter of color, texture and the unexpected. Here are a few tips –

  • Combine odd colors. But do it carefully! Use a Color Palette Creator. My favorite is Adobe Color CC. There is a Color Wheel and slots for 5 colors. You can select and change any one of the 5 colors, or you can use their guidelines. You can also explore color themes other people have made, and if you find something you like – use it! Here is one of my themes named Serendipity. I’ve made several themes, but I usually forget to save them. 
  • Do you remember Monica’s apartment in Friends? Purple walls, aqua blue kitchen, gold print curtains at the window, green hallway …? It sure doesn’t seem to work well together when you write it out like that – but didn’t it look great? It fit her personality. Just curious, how many times have you watched all ten seasons of Friends?

monicas apartment

monicas apartment










  • Texture! It makes me think of pillows. Pillows are the easiest way to add texture to any spot in your house. You can even re-cover pillows for each season. Pillows made from cotton fabric, faux fur, burlap, upholstery fabric, feedsacks (if you’re lucky enough to have some), tapestry, velvet, layers of chiffon – really, the list is endless. The trick is to combine the different textures and colors. Take a risk! If you don’t like the combination you came up with, you can always move one or more pillows to another room. But before you do that, live with them for an afternoon. It might take some adjusting, since it’s different.
pillow pillow
pillow pillow
  • The Unexpected! And here is one place, your color palette can work. Here is an article at using the unexpected element. My favorite is #4 with the different colored chairs. Perfect for that color palette.

“The unexpected element doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or over the top (However, this will certainly do the trick!). It’s simply designed to avoid your home feeling mediocre and orderly by adding a dose of fun! Here are some ways to add that personal touch to your home.” Home Decor – The Unexpected Element

And you don’t have to spend a bundle on 5 colors of paint either. Watch the ads at your home improvement store for their sale on samples! You can get any color you want, in a small – just right – size. Or 2! Buying 5 samples, will cost less than 1 gallon of paint.

colored chairs

Have you decided where your favorite space is? Where? Tell me about it. Did I tell you mine? Uh, no, I guess I didn’t. Okay, mine is at the kitchen table, in front of the big window which looks out on Burney Mountain. I’ve painted the table and chairs with some cream colored chalk paint. I have a yellow quilted runner along the edge next to the window, and have had a clear vase with red poppies on it. But, right this minute, it’s a big mess cause I’ve been going through some paperwork. When I get it back together, I’ll take a picture. Okay – where is your favorite space?  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Favorite Space in Your Home

  1. My favorite room is my bedroom. It is where all my antiques and collectibles live. The whole rest of my house is a sewing room!

    Posted on October 31, 2016 at 5:28 pm
    1. A sewing room! Your house might be my favorite room 🙂

      Posted on November 1, 2016 at 5:02 am