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flag1Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you to your families who prayed you through. There were probably better things you could have done for that year or 2-3 years that you spent protecting us and our country, but in your mind, there was nothing better that you could give yourself too.

It takes a special kind of courage to walk boldly into the unknown. And you have it. War is a horrible thing, but sometimes it’s the only way freedom can ring out in the streets. You sacrificed more than your life, or a limb. You may have sacrificed family, who couldn’t go through it with you. A promising career, or a college scholarship. You sacrificed things no one even knows about. You’ve kept them inside all this time.

You gave so we could be free. So we could maintain our lifestyle and our wants, wishes and dreams. Many of us skipped blindly through life, not even noticing what you did. Shame on us. Please forgive us. Our flag flies because of you, not because of anything we did.

Please follow your dreams. I know you’ve left parts of yourselves on foreign soil. But your dreams are still with you. Open that business, write that book, go to that college, start that ministry, have children, get married, or – get married, have children 🙂

The memories you carry, that heavy load of memories that cling to your back, I pray that God will release you from them. Fill your life with good things, and those memories will start to dissipate. You’ve seen and experienced things no human being should ever see or experience.

Today, we honor you and give thanks for you. We should do it every day. God Bless You.

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