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smellyummyWe are truly into autumn, here in the Western Hemisphere. The colors outside are changing every day and nature’s bounty is there for the taking.

  • Let’s talk about scent. It’s easy to bring the scent of autumn indoors. Use a large pot, and fill it with water. Place on the stove and turn it on to Med heat just to get it hot, then turn down to simmer. Add one or more of the following – cinnamon sticks, orange peels, cloves, some star anise if you have them This will fill your home with the fragrance of the season. A scented candle will do the same thing, but if you don’t have one, this is a great substitute.
  • Cut a few small branches of colored leaves, bring them indoors and place in a pretty vase. candle
  • Light candles, whether they have a scent or not. The warm glow of candlelight makes us happy and feel warm.
  • Get some of the small pumpkins at your grocery store. Here, they are about 2.99 and we are always high, so they are probably cheaper where you are. Mix them with some white pumpkins. And bows on the stems, some burlap ribbon or some gold sparkly ribbon, depending on your style.
  • Fill any kind of large, clear glass container with things like pinecones, pomegranates, berries (fake ones), cinnamon sticks, anything your yard has to offer. Look for dried seed pods, they are abundant this time of year.
  • Do you have white fairy lights that run on a battery? Put them in a basket of pinecones.
  • I was at the Dollar Store the other day and found bags of glass rounds. I found this picture of them, as I don’t really know what they’re called! The bags were $2 and they had all kinds of colors. I have some small canning jars, and I was going to do this Pinterest candle holders. This tutorial suggests using a glue gun, but the one I found suggested another kind of glue (which isn’t working) so I’m going to get my glue gun out and give that a try. 

I absolutely love the four seasons, and decorating for each one. On Friday, I have some super ideas for decorating your porch.

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