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artboard-1It’s officially the Christmas season! Let the decorating and gifting begin!

I’ve prepared an incredible list of tutorials – 76 to be exact – covering gifts, decorations, stocking stuffers and much more. To receive this awesome list, sign up (at the top of this page) for Saturdays Exclusive Post and you’ll receive it immediately. I visited every site on this list to make sure the link was good. {It is} And I made sure it was in English, and provided clear instructions. There is only one link where I made a note – Translate into English – but it was so darn cute I couldn’t not included it! You’ll see it when you get the list.

I’m currently working on Christmas gifts for my friends and family. And I’m almost done! I’ve never been so far along this early in the season. So, I decided to make a dress for my granddaughter from the cutest owl fabric.


All the owls are sitting in one direction, and I was so careful to make sure they all sat upright when I cut it out. Except for the lovely little collar. oh well – like my Grandma said, “You’ll never notice it on a galloping horse!”

TIP: If you don’t have piping to cover, use yarn or string. That’s what I did on this dress.


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