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snowI’m sitting at my desk and I can see outside, through the window just above my monitor, and it is snowing. I love weather, but mostly I love snow. It’s clean, quiet, pretty and peaceful.

It can turn a weary winter day into a pristine landscape.
It will quiet the noise.
It seems promising.
The smell of snow is fresh.
It refreshes our spirit.

I’m sensing a theme.

What if our homes could turn a weary winter day into a pristine landscape?
What if our homes could quiet the noise?

2. What if our homes could quiet the noise?

Our world has become so noisy that we may not even realize it. When it is quiet, we turn on the TV for background noise. Why do we think we need this noise? When our home is  always noisy, it impedes our relationships. Our relationships with each other and with God.

Be still and know that I am God.

Think about that be still for a few minutes. Stop moving. Stop listening to the noise. Just Be Still.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Tell God you Love Him. Listen. Confess your sins. Listen. Ask Him for forgiveness. Listen. Ask Him to help you today. Listen.

Prayer is a conversation, not a list of our wants.

If the world is noisy, then our homes should be quiet. Let us be noisy in our quiet homes. Shouts of laughter, conversations, tears, comforts and most of all prayer.

Before we can make our homes beautiful on the surface, they need to have a beautiful foundation.

Friday: It seems promising.

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