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  • What if our home was promising?

A fresh blanket of snow always seems to hold a promise. It’s new; it’s clean, and it has covered up all the old and dirty, gray and brown dead vegetation. Anything could happen! Children in red stocking caps could build snowmen or a fort. They might throw snowballs at each other. The snowfall means they can go outside and run around. It means we can take a walk. Walking in the snow in the evening is memorable. It has a special kind of quiet, and unique beauty.

Promise: a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act

That’s a pretty heavy definition! How many times have we blithely thrown around our promises?

“I promise to love you forever.” she said.

“And I promise to love you forever.” he said.

“And we promise to love you forever.” they said.

We’ve made promises we may not have kept. Another word for promise is commitment. When we form our family, we make commitments … promises. In the beginning, it’s all very exciting, this new life we’re living. The future looks rosy, and we’re floating on clouds, dancing from one day to the next.

But things change. Things always change. Circumstances change. Promises don’t. Promises have to be kept no matter the circumstances. That’s what makes our home a harbor in the storm and a safe, stable place. Every member of our family should know and feel the solidness of our foundation. Home should be that refuge from the world which is topsy-turvy at best.


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