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• The smell of snow is fresh.

I don’t think snow has an actual scent, but if it did, I believe it would be labeled as fresh. When we see the word snow, it makes us think of white, clean and fresh. White automatically has that clean, fresh appearance, and it all works together.

We can spend a small fortune on things to make our home smell good. We like to make it smell like tropical islands, gingerbread, coffee and all kinds of yummy things. But what about the base layer of scent in our home? Is it clean and fresh or odoriferous?

Is the base layer a mixture of fried fish, cabbage, a dirty litter box, cigarette smoke and last weeks failed science experiment? This can be unappealing. Every time we have a scent failure, we should correct it. Open the windows and blow the stink out. It might get cold for a few minutes, but it’ll get warm again.

Why should we go to the trouble? It’s part of keeping a clean and attractive home. When guests walk in our door, we want them to be affected (whether they notice it or not) by the sweet smell of the attitude of our home. Let the aromas be of dinner cooking, coffee brewing, vanilla candles – welcoming aroma’s that say we give a darn.

We don’t often realize it because we become accustomed to our smells, but our upholstered furniture can absorb those nasty smells like a sponge. We shouldn’t let the scent layers stack up too high. Can you see those layers in your mind? I know some of this sounds a little silly, but for many people the sense of smell is important. Certain scents can trigger memories from decades ago. We should try to keep our scents fresh. For ourselves and our families. Soaps and water smell good, too.


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2 thoughts on “The Fresh Home

  1. I’ve been loinokg for a post like this forever (and a day)

    Posted on December 30, 2016 at 4:30 am
    1. Thank you Ellen. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Posted on December 31, 2016 at 12:41 pm