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People get married in all kinds of circumstances. There are the ‘both working good jobs, buy a house, get married’ couple; or the ‘got married right out of high school’ couple; or the ‘we had to get married’ couple.

I have a history of getting married. I married the first time at the age of 19. We were married for 26 years and had 3 children. He was an abusive husband and father and I was finally able to be free of him. (That’s a whole story in itself that I won’t go into now.) I married again to a wonderful man who loved the Lord and loved me. He passed away 8 years later from cancer. Amazingly, I married again! I’m married to Mr. S for 2 years now. I tell you these things, I think, in order to back up my claim about managing households, big and small.

When I was first married, I was a ‘had to get married’ half of the couple. We were young and poor and he was in the military, stationed in Germany. We had a tiny little apartment that consisted of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and a cubbyhole for a bedroom. The bed touched walls on both sides. It was all very exciting and quite scary at the same time.

My own apartment! And a husband, and a baby on the way. I also have to give credit where credit is due. My mother taught me well. She taught me how to do everything that was required of a home manager when I still lived at home. How? They were called chores. When we don’t assign chores to our children, we are robbing them of a sense of responsibility and the ability to manage their own household some day.

In order to clean this apartment, I bought a bottle of ammonia and a bottle of vinegar. They are both cheap and they work wonders. Managing a household is more than cleaning, but we have to start somewhere. And it’s much nicer to manage a clean home.

  • Vinegar and water, and crumpled up newspapers is the best window cleaner.
  • Vinegar and baking soda for clean smelling drains: drop a Tablespoon or so of baking soda into the drain and pour a cup or two of Vinegar in the drain. It will fizz up clean while it clears a clog!
  • Ammonia is one of the best grease cutters there is. Put 2-3 T of ammonia in a spray bottle, fill with water. Now you have a great spray cleaner on hand. To clean floors, use 1/4″ cup ammonia in a bucket and then fill halfway (ish) with water. Use a similar bucket of water to clean the bathroom.
  • Vinegar can be added to your wash, to cut down on static cling. You won’t have to buy dryer sheets.

These are just a few ways a household manager ch improve on

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