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“She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.”

Now, this is something I can talk about! 🙂

Bernard Winter, Die Webstube, 1896, Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Oldenburg, Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck, 2005

She seeketh – this is a verb. It basically means ‘shopping’. Okay, not quite, but close. seek, seek with care, enquire, require Later, in vs. 21, we see that her household is warmly clothed (woolen garments), and vs. 24 she makes fine linen (from the flax) and sells it. This is quite an undertaking. If you’ve ever seen a weaver at work, this is some complicated doings. It’s really quite interesting and also explains why linen is so expensive. Check out this page. It’s an interesting read, but if you want to skip to the looms, they are at the bottom of the page.

wool and flax are just what they say – wool and flax 🙂

worketh – this is also a verb and the meanings include to do, work, make, produce 

willingly – ( I love this definition!) delight, pleasure, delight, desire, longing As a knitter (I’m not a weaver) but I can say I find delight and pleasure when I get to sit down with my knitting or sewing (woolen garments) And there are some days when I long to sit with my needles and wool.

with her hands – what you’d expect palm, hand, sole, palm of the hand, hollow or flat of the hand But there is another word in there – power. Is it the strength of her hand, the powerful muscles in her hands to be able to do this kind of work? Is it some kind of power she has, to keep her family warm in the winter? I don’t know – I’m asking you.

I do enjoy working with my hands in many ways. If I had my way, I’d be in the sewing room or set up on the couch with my knitting and favorite movies on every day. But alas … the Proverbs 31 woman is well-rounded and occupied with many things. That also sounds like my life!

So, what if you’re not a knitter? Does that mean any aspiration you may have is all for naught? No, not at all. There are more than one ways to work with our hands. Opening the packages of new, warm socks. Hitting the thrift stores looking for a deal on warm clothes and sweaters. If you have a local thrift store, patronize it! They need your money more than your near-by ‘big box’ thrift store. Washing those warm socks. Holding a wiggly foot in hand while trying to put that sock on!

Loving hands do excellent work.


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2 thoughts on “Biblical Homemaking – Wool and Flax

  1. This tickles my heart too. The feel of fabrics and yarn in my hands makes me happy. It’s that God given drive to create things. I especially like your reference to thrift shops. To find and rescue needful things, a passion of mine. The “wiggly toes” to be warmed by discarded, but still useful socks. Your writing makes me see wonderful pictures in my head. Thankyou
    I love you.

    Posted on February 6, 2017 at 9:15 am
    1. My own aunt – a fellow thrift shop junkie 🙂 Kris and I used to hit the thrift store a few times a week – what fun! I’m glad you have some wonderful pictures in your mind – it makes for a nicer day 🙂

      Somehow, my settings got changed and I needed to approve every comment. That’s why your comment didn’t show up right away and I didn’t answer it, I didn’t know about it! But I’ve fixed that now, so we should be good to go.

      I love you too 🙂

      Posted on February 10, 2017 at 5:36 am