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She is like the merchant ships, She brings her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14

She shopped. She clipped coupons and went to the stores with the best deals. The merchant ships were a big deal in those days. They still are today, we just aren’t as aware of them. In our world, merchandise comes from the store. How it gets from there to here is of no consequence, as long as it’s on the shelves when we want it.

This first phrase, “She is like the merchant ships” means, “to go around, go about, travel about in, go about in trade”. Merchant ships would go from port to port, island to island, picking up whatever was for sale in that area. Spices, fruit, grains – whatever her household cannot raise in their gardens, or catch in the sea, or hunt for in the forests, she will get it from the merchant ships. No doubt she was well-known among the merchants, she may have made deals with them so they would save the choicest pieces for her. Perhaps in trade for her garden’s produce, or money. We do the same thing. We usually go to the same grocery store, and don’t the cashiers know us?

“Hi Karen, how are you doing?” It makes us feel good to know the people we do business with remember us.

The lady that works at my pharmacy, has always (from the first time I went in there) remembered my name. As soon as she catches sight of me, she says, “Hi Karen, let me get your prescription! How are you?” She remembers things about my insurance and some insurance problems I had. It sure makes me feel good.

Brings – the very basic meaning of this is “to go or come”. And from there it branches off in a multitude of meanings, according to the context. Some are abide, carry, fetch, get, take.That’s pretty much a description of shopping. We carry out our bags, get food, etc. I think you get this without any explanation from me 🙂

food – this includes food for man or beast. So, it wasn’t just groceries, it was dog food and cat litter and chicken feed. And she had no car! 🙂 I’m sure she had a cart of some kind or someone who pack it all home for her.

from afar – from distant or far off countries. Considering how far a merchant ship might travel, it’s a good bet she had a good variety of food for her household.

As I’m writing about these verses and determining a closer meaning, it occurs to me that these are probably things we already do. These are not burdens to add to your already groaning list of to-do’s. We already do them! So, perk up and smile 🙂 You are a Biblical homemaker. We are all on different stops on the same highway (single, newlywed, grandma, etc) and every single one of us is still learning. I know I am.

Think about that this week – and have a good one.




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