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I wonder if you are feeling burdened under the things we’ve talked about so far. Are you feeling like you’re not doing enough? Or you’re not doing whatever you do, good enough? Have you piled these things on top of your already bulging schedule? Please don’t do that. Remember this –

“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt. 11:30

On Monday, I realized – and only mentioned it once – that most of us are already doing these things! Let’s go through everything we’ve covered and see how that’s possible.

  • On Jan 23, we talked about being a safe place for our husband. If this is a difficult thing for you, and many times it is because of past hurts, give it to the Lord. Let Him carry this and create in you a safe place. If you ask Him. He will do it. Pray this verse.
  • On Jan 31, we talked about doing good and not evil for our husbands. This too, can be a hard thing for some women, especially if you haven’t been at the receiving end of goodness yourself. Could this be a matter of forgiveness? Are you holding on to something you shouldn’t? I’m not condemning – been there, done that!
  • On Feb 6, we talked about providing warm things for your family to wear, making them, knitting and providing our own ‘made with love’ items. Do you feel less than a wife/woman because you don’t knit or sew? Well, stop it! If it interests you, learn how to do these things. There is a woman nearby who would count it a blessing to teach you, I guarantee it! If it doesn’t interest you, then be content with where you are. Are you finding beautifully warm sweaters at the thrift store? Or the department store? Either way, is your family warm and happy? Isn’t that the goal? Say, Thank You, Lord and move on! 🙂
  • On Feb 13, (Monday) we talked about grocery shopping. Getting good deals on our food. Using coupons. This is something we already do, right?

Okay, nobody  – not me, not God – has meant to place a burden on you. I spent years under heavy burdens – I don’t want you to go through that! In order to live the life He has for you, you must come out from under those burdens and be free. Not free from responsibility – free from burdens and guilt. Please pray about this. Hugs all round –



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