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I've written some books, in my spare time 🙂 My name WAS Karen Gass until I married Mr. S! But the books are already out there -what's  a writer going to do?

This is my First Book. It's out of print now, but there are used copies available.

Log Cabin Quilts: A Brand New Story by Karen Murphy (before I married Mr. G who is home with Jesus now)

Log Cabin Quilts: A Brand New StoryReview by Ken: I had this quilt book and misplaced it. I was lost without it. I have made six quilts using this book and have the material to make another one. I was so glad to find the book on Amazon.

DescriptionIt’s a story to stitch by! Meet Abby, a pioneer preparing for a harsh winter on the northern frontier. As she, her husband, and her sons construct their log-cabin home, Abby dreams of happier times spent quilting. Follow Abby as she journeys through the fall harvest, icy winter, and the first buds of spring, and choose from ten Log Cabin quilts that you can make for your own home.

· Ten chapters share Abby’s experiences on the frontier, with a unique Log Cabin quilt to make for each chapter

· The Log Cabin block gets new life with exciting variations, from simple rotary-cut patterns to a paper-pieced hexagon design

· A special chapter reveals how to create original secondary designs in Log Cabin quilts

Fiction -

Morningshine (Book 1) Kindle book
Paperback book

Morningshine by Karen GassThe latest review for Morningshine from Michelle:  on February 25, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful story that is pieced together like a fine quilt. The ladies of the quilting group are well-developed characters who will feel like friends of yours. This is a God-honoring book about true Christian caring for our neighbors. Fair warning-- the minute you finish Morningshine you will start looking for a sequel.

Description of Morningshine:

God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!

By being open to what God has shown them, this Christian quilting group comprised of 7 women make a huge difference in the lives of their neighbors, changing both the givers and the takers.

Once a week, seven women meet and make quilts. They visit and share their lives with each other. Every one of them has their own set of problems and blessings at home. Carrie, the unofficial leader of the group is burdened by a secret she's kept from her husband for over twenty years. Eleanor is a timid woman and rarely says anything but her needle flashes with the best of them. Lydia is the first in the group to become involved with the Internet. Connie, whose marriage suddenly doesn't seem so secure anymore. Sisters Martha and Esther, both widows, but they both have different ideas about how they want to live out the rest of their lives. Gert, a cantankerous woman with strong opinions that back her into a corner she can't get out of with grace.

They are all Christians, but their Christian lives have never been lived out loud, in front of each other before. When God begins answering the prayers of a mother, hundreds of miles away, He uses all of these ladies. At the end of their street lives a dysfunctional family, trapped in poverty, drug and alcohol abuse.

As God moves in the hearts of these quilting women, things in that little house at the end of the street begin to change. At the same time, circumstances in their own lives change, but God is there with each of them, comforting, encouraging, giving grace and walking beside every one of them.

Read the first 3 chapters HERE

Morning Glory (Book 2) Kindle book


Morning Glory by Karen GassReview for Morning Glory from Nan: This story just keeps getting better and better! The author leaves you begging for more. Can't wait to read the next book to see where the story goes!

Read the first 3 chapters HERE



Book 3 has been delayed a few times, but I'm REALLY hoping to have it done in time for Christmas 2016. Please - pray for me!

Read the first 3 chapters of the third and final book HERE

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Summer in Sweetland - Chapter 6 Summer in Sweetland is a fabulous book, with each chapter written by a different Christian author. This is my Chapter - Not Forgotten

Not ForgottenReview: Karen Gass writes a touching story about a widow who lost her job. Tina Harp er wonders what the future holds for her, but determines to walk in faith. On a job interview Tina experiences more than a job offer--one that changes her life. Don't miss this incredible story. Embrace the moment and find out for yourself what sparks a renewed hope in Tina's life.

Description: Tina Harper has lost her husband, and now her job. Desperate to find another one, she is offered what seems like the perfect job and but has to turn it down. A new friend from church, Amanda Casey, takes Tina under her wing, and they pray together for God’s provision. The gates of Heaven open and the blessings pour down as God begins to provide for Tina’s every need; even a need she didn’t realize she had. 


'Tis the Season in Sweetland - Chapter 2  This was the second book we all collaborated on. And this is my chapter - The Snow Wedding Spoiler Alert: If you read the description of this book, you'll know what happened in Not Forgotten!

The Snow WeddingReview from Susan: If you still believe in Fairy Tales, you will love this book. It begins and ends with the real and sometimes messy lives of ordinary people, falling in love, stumbling through awkward moments, learning to read each other's cues and beginning plans for a life together. But snuggled sweetly between all this reality is a breath-taking snow wedding that oozes romance and holiday spirit. Be sure to have a steaming cup of tea or hot cocoa at your side while you read this one!

Description: After becoming engaged, Tina Harper and Brent Towers, plan a Christmas wedding. Tina secretly hopes for a snowy day, but it doesn’t look likely. Her best friend, Amanda gives her a most romantic gift, and God provides the background for Tina’s wish to become reality. Everything falls into place as we watch the orchestration of God’s love for two people to become one.


NonFiction - 

How to Write a Quilt Pattern. Sold on

How to Cover a Lampshade

From Darkness to Light by Robert Saari (otherwise known as Mr. S - did you know he was a poet? He is!)